Monday, January 18th, 2010

work up to a max Clean and Jerk

rest 5 min

for 1 min perform up to 30 pullups for every pullup missed perform that many pushups the following minute. Continue for as long as you can finish the pushups within the following minute.

rest 5 min

max pistols each leg

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  1. C&J

    154# x 1
    176# x 1
    198# x 1
    220# x 1 new C&J PR
    231# - hit clean but missed jerk
    231# - hit clean but misssd jerk

    WOD changed
    1 min pull ups
    1 min rest

    Must hit 30 pull ups in the minute or make up the difference with push ups during rest period

    Hit 30 kipping pull ups in a row in the first round - new PR

    5 rounds complete, round 6 11 pull ups and 15 push ups