Thursday, Jan. 28th, 2010

Quick 5-10 min Warm-up

OC throwdown WOD #1

7 rounds for time;

5 squat clean thruster

10 toes to bar

(each round, the weight for the thruster increases by 10#, it is the athletes responsibility to change the weight per round, clips and weights will be provided; toes to bar is part of shoe touching the bar starting from a dead hang; thruster starting weight for guys is 95# increasing to 155# by 7thround, gals starting weight is 45# increasing to 105# by 7th round)

rest 10 min

OC throwdown WOD #2

For time;

20 unbroken chin ups

Row 500 m

20 unbroken chin ups

Row 500 m

20 unbroken chin ups

(If an athlete breaks the chin ups or fractions them by coming off the bar at any point in the 20 reps, they have to start at 0 again, rowers damper and foot setting is up to athlete. Chin MUST PASS THE VERTICAL PLANE OF THE BAR TO COUNT.

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