New standard warmup

3 min of skipping (finish with 50 DUs)
750m row at 22 strokes/min @ ~60% (last 250m at 30 strokes/min @ ~85%)

then dynamic stretching from head to toe ~3min

then a callistetic progression of:
15 - kipping pullups, pushups, situps, squats, back ext.
10 - ring rows, dips, V-ups, jumping squats, hip+back exts
5 - strict pullups, handstand pushups, GHD situps, pistols, Glute-ham raises
(you don't have to do these as fast as possible but at a reasonable quick pace)

then perform active release stretching on any tight muscles 3x30 sec/muscle

then 10 - eagles, scorpions, dead-bug and hip mobility

then samson stretch 30 sec

total time ~20-30 min

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